Cats — You gotta’ Love Them

Our cats are on strike.

It’s unbelievable,  but about two weeks ago, the two of them just decided they hate their food and they wouldn’t eat it.  It’s not because they have no variety or that they have to eat all dry or all wet food.  In our house,  the cats eat well.

We love Charlie and Mikey.  Two little guys with great personalities.  But I have to be honest here,  they are master manipulators.  At least, Mikey is.  Charlie tends to do what Mikey does.

In fact,  Charlie chose to eat dry food for about 4 years.  He would sniff the lamb or shrimp or salmon wet food and move on to his deli-dinner.  Then last year he must have started watching Mikey more closely, and he began to wrap himself around my legs and practiced looking pitiful, so we started giving him little tastes.  From that,  things progressed until now he’s right there waiting for his wet food with Mikey.

That is, until last week.

As always,  they come running into the kitchen looking hopeful,  going to the cabinet where the cans are kept and rolling around on the floor, purring, often with four feet up in the air.  You would think they loved us to death.  Mikey can make himself so charming you’re willing to go back to the cupboard and open a second can if he doesn’t like the first one.

Except that NOW we open the can and serve them, but they go to the dish, sniff and walk away.  For real insult,  they often “cover” the food with their imaginary paw swipes on the floor!  Mikey even covered his dish with a paper towel one morning.

“The’re bored, “ I told my husband.  “They’ll eat if they’re hungry enough, “ he said.  Tough guy.  He’s the first to give in. “They’ve had too many cans of cutlets with gravy and they’re tired of the salmon grille,” I persisted.   So we went to the grocery store yesterday and got one of each kind of new canned food (the good stuff, not the big boring cans.)

“You’re gonna love this, boys!”  I announced to them as soon as we got home. So I opened the first can (“pate” flavor) ,  put their separate dishes down,  and waited eagerly.  Just as if they’d planned it,  they both went to the dishes,  tasted the food,  and walked away.

Interestingly, they don’t like table food.  I could cook shrimp and salmon and chicken for them, but they’d take a couple of bites – maybe– and walk away.

Things improved a little today.  We opened a can of “gourmet duck”  from our grocer store’s  generic canned catfood, and Mikey cleaned his dish.

As for the adults in this house,  we’re going to have salmon grille for dinner, and clean our plates!

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