Life Goes On

I haven’t written a post for this website in several years.  Life got in the way.  My husband’s alzheimer’s increased and my caregiver responsibilities began to swallow me.  But today,  I was looking back over past blogs and websites I’ve written — and sometimes abandoned — and thought to myself that so much has happened since 2011.

I have a lot of stories to share.  Even some really good new recipes. I’m no Pioneer Woman,  no 40-photo recipe blogs,  but I do take occasional pictures and if I hit the light just right,  they are good sometimes.

My household has grown, from just my husband, Bo, and me, to a young family of four who moved in with us last fall.  Jon is the caregiver for Bo now.  The two children,  Justin and Victoria (8 and 11) are just wonderful to have around.  And I’ve added a fabulous (perfect, actually) dog named Emma who changed all of our lives.  She’s a rescue from a Georgia gas chamber,  a breeder dog who was found tied to a tree with 5 other dogs and a litter of her own puppies.  And now she is the queen of the house.  I plan to post her story soon.

And so, life is different  but still very sad as I lose my beloved husband to the darkness of Alzheimer’s.

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