Strawberry and Brown Sugar Dip

It’s almost the end of strawberry season here in New Jersey.  The growers have had a difficult time with all the pounding rain over the past week — not good for strawberries — and already I’m beginning to dread the end.  No matter how many berries are shipped in from wherever,  the grocery store NEVER can come close to Jersey berries.


When the berries first came into season in May,  they were perfect … perfectly sweet, flavorful and huge.  The first quart box I brought home from the farm market lasted only about 20 minutes because I stood at the kitchen sink and ate them all (but one which I begrudgingly gave to Jon.) I didn’t plan on it,  but I just couldn’t help myself.  When I looked at the empty box,  I wondered if I would have an allergic reaction.

But I didn’t.

Here’s my favorite recipe for “cream” to accompany my strawberries.  It’s delicious.  I don’t recall where I heard about it, but I’ve been making it for years.  I’m sure it was one of those times when I tasted it, asked the cook what it was, and she gave an off-the-cuff answer like,  “Just add some brown sugar to sour cream.”images-7

And that’s just about what it is.  I never measure because I make it by color — I want light caramel.

So,  measure out about a cup of sour cream (regular or light) and stir in 3 or 4 tablespoons of light brown sugar and let it stand until the sugar begins to melt.   Then stir vigorously to mix, taste and chill.

In truth, I rarely get past the “stir vigorously to mix” step because I begin dipping my berries in right away.

You can serve it as a dip, or put a couple of spoonsful over a bowl of berries.  Either way, it’s luscious.  You could also put out two bowls (one, sour cream; the other, brown sugar) and let people dip them themselves.  Or make waffles … or …..

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