Mother’s Box of Love

Writing 101 – Day 20: Write about something you treasure.

Over the years there have been many Christmases —  happy, exciting,  sad,  special  Christmases, but this was the most special one of all for me.

My mother, age 93,  was so eager for me to open my gift that she couldn’t wait until Christmas Day.  She insisted that I find it under our tree and open it while we were eating our cream puffs for dessert on Christmas Eve.  The package was small and she had carefully wrapped it with her very arthritic hands,  the handwritten tag:  “To Nancy from Mother.”

Inside was a beautiful necklace, a little silver box wrapped in gold with diamonds. “Read the poem aloud,” Mother insisted.  “It’s why I bought it for you.” Lying in the velvet box was a small printed paper.  I read it aloud:

             This is a very special gift
            That you can never see
            The reason its’s so special is
            It’s just for you from me.replatformOverlays

           You never can unwrap it
           Please leave the ribbon tied
           Just hold the box to your heart
           It’s filled with Love inside.

 My voice broke as I read, my heart swelled up to my throat and tears rimmed my eyes. Everyone at the table was still and silent.

Then Mother said, “I wanted you to have it.  I won’t be here long, but if you wear it you’ll always know it’s filled with my love.”  I hugged her.  The words had been written by someone else but every word was from her heart.

I’m wearing it now and each time I reach up to touch it, I think of Mother’s love for me.

 (Mother died two years later, in 2012.)


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One Response to Mother’s Box of Love

  1. Lisa M says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this. What a thoughtful, perfect gift. If I close my eyes, I can see her penmanship on the tag – my mom has that wonderful, old-fashioned, now arthritic handwriting that I am guessing your mother had. Such a blessing to have your necklace to remember your Mother and your love for each other.


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