I’ve joined up with Lisa Jo Baker‘s Five Minute Friday writing group. We get the topic Thursday evening and the rule is to write just five minutes.  This week’s prompt: Bloom

I love my back yard. I love it so much that I’ve often told people I will stay home in the summer and travel in the winter because I want to sit on my patio and enjoy the beauty of it all. This summer is even better because there are two of us planting the blooms – my husband’s caregiver Jon and I are both adding to the yard.

P1000391Jon, it turns out, loves to watch things grow, so he plants seeds and lovingly cares for them every day. He moves them from place to place to get the right sun and water, then he moves them again and finally they are planted in a strategic place in the yard. He takes cuttings and lets them root in water; even has started cuttings of our cherry tree.

I’ve been sort of frustrated because I’m not a seed person. I’m a go-to-the-garden-store-and-bring-home-the-blooming-plants kind of person. I want to fill up the car in May, get everything  into position in pots or in the ground, and then enjoy the beauty and order of it all. I like my blooms in place and the extra pots, bags, fertilizer and trowels out of sight.

Yesterday I sat at the patio table admiring the yard and counted to myself “…May, June, July ….” That’s three months that the front entrance to the house hasn’t had flowers….three months when I would have had New Guinea impatience or geraniums or … but Jon assumed responsibility for the front from the beginning (right after I very quickly planted nine big planters of impatience under the front windows – before he could get the seeds started. I was like a kid sneaking those plants in.)

“Everything will look different in August,” he told me a couple of days ago. Meaning, as he now plants – in mid-July – his lovingly awaited plants in all of the available spaces in the yard, we will soon have a yard overflowing with beautiful growth.

It’s fun to watch as our two very different gardening philosophies merge and the yard is filled with more blooms than ever before. More than ever a reason to stay home in summer.

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1 Response to BLOOMS

  1. Lisa M says:

    For the past 2 years my daughter and I have attempted seeds (and this year a cutting or two), but clearly we are load the car up with pots of flowers kind of gardeners! I am so jealous of Jon and his talents and patience. I’m sure next Spring at the sight of one of those towers of seeds, Peanut and I will pick up a couple of new “seeds to try”…maybe we just haven’t found our kindred seed yet!


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