WordPress’s daily prompt:   In twenty years,  which song will remind you of the summer of 2014?


It will be “Roar” for sure!

Not that I’m a top 40’s kind of listener – don’t even keep the popular music stations on my radio — but this is a very special summer.

My husband has Alzheimer’s and when we reached an all-time low last summer, I hired a caregiver, Jon, for him. It worked out so well that when Jon’s house burned in late summer, I invited his family (wife and two children) to move in with us. And that worked out so well that they will be staying on here for at least another year! The children will go to our neighborhood school, we’ve joined the local swim club together, and the kids and I have “NancyCamp” twice a week – doing cultural things that they may have otherwise not done. In truth, I have more fun than they do!

Having the two children, ages 8 and 11, in the house has brought new energy into our lives, and with this, of course, popular music. “Roar” and “Happy” have become our theme songs along with the children’s laughter and playfulness – such wonderful gifts for a household that was so sad and depressing.

So we “Roar” through summer and into the new school year, a family together.



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One Response to Roar

  1. Lisa M says:

    Those are probably our summer songs too – 12 and 15 year old kids, same pop songs! I adore both of them…and I’ve become completely addicted to One Republic (which if I didn’t have my kids I would have missed totally!!!) Look at us, all staying young and hip!!!


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