Five Minute Friday – “Fill” (up the menu)

I’ve pondered this Friday’s topic all weekend.  Didn’t really have the mind-set to write.  Couldn’t sit still.  But now,   ….. fill ….. fill ….. fill a prescription, fill a glass,  land – fill,  fill up with tears,   fill the schedule, filled with love, fill the birdbath,  fill the tub with hot water.

And in our case, fill up the house.  With people,  with bikes and cars and toys and food.

And there it is — our food schedule.  After months of Jon and me sharing the meals, trying to think what to eat,  I made a decision. We would have a schedule and follow it. I’m very democratic,  so I posted two  pages:  one with each person’s name and a place to write dinner requests; the other with the actual schedule, hopefully based on everyone’s requests.  It worked well for a couple of months and made things easier for us.  But then, like everything else in life,  it started to wane, requests weren’t coming in,  and we were almost back to where we started.

But now school will soon begin, the summer’s relaxed ways are passing,  and I’m determined to get back on track with dinner.  No requests?  You get what I want to eat.  I started this week with my own summer decisions:  Thanksgiving dinner followed by leftovers,  salmon, hot dogs, salad night,  hamburgers, and “guess what?”

We’ve been known to have cracker night (a buffet of toppings) ,  taco night,  salad night,  breakfast for dinner, lunch for dinner,  and spaghetti-anyway-you-want-it night.  I’m giving serious thought to scavenger hunt dinner,  brown bag dinner, whatever I can  come up with.  I might also have a book night when they have to make a menu for a favorite character in a favorite book.  What I’m trying to avoid is mac-n-cheese and corn dogs.  Justin will eat anything with capers or pesto on it (go figure, the same kid that only eats mac-n-cheese!) and Victoria tastes everything, then pronounces that there’s something wrong with it. There’s discriminating, and then there’s ridiculously picky!  So in defense, I like the “anyway you like it” nights (cracker night, for example) so she can build her own dishes.

I’ve also considered having dinner drawings — all ideas in a box and a drawing at dinner for the next dinner.  Might work.   ????



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