Peppers and Provolone Appetizer

My friend Greg just reminded me of a favorite appetizer — one so easy and delicious, well,   I’ve served it many, many times.  I remember the first time I tasted it.  It was December 1988. My friend Pamela threw her annual Christmas tree decorating party, always a scrumptous feast, and this one was no different.  A wonderful cook, she always included a few new things.

I remember one year when she made 50 little chocolate bags (looked exactly like little brown bags) and filled them with chocolate mousse.  Another year she rolled grapes in cheese and nuts, piles of them ala Martha Stewart. But this recipe that she served was so simple and delicious — it illustrated that food doesn’t always have to be fancy to be good.

The thing is, though,  there are no specific amounts to the ingredients except  two jars of roasted peppers and the chunk of provolone.  Otherwise,  mix it to your taste.

2 small jars of roasted peppers
1-inch slice of provolone cut into bite size pieces
olive oil
chopped garlic
French bread in thin slices

Combine all but bread in a bowl and let mellow together an hour or so.  Serve with a basket of French bread slices. All you did is scoop the appetizer onto the bread slices and  — wow! — delicious.

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