Five Minute Friday – “Hold”

(Time to write 5 minutes, no editing,  on Kate Motaung’s weekly challenge.  This week’s word is “hold.” )

I have this feeling most of the time that I want to hold my husband Bo.  I want to hold him and make him feel safe,  protect him from the confusion he’s living in.  I want to hold him and make him feel better, to  know that he’s loved even more than ever.  I look into his eyes and see that sweet man and his smile, and I try to remember who he was before this hellish time, when we looked at one another and understood what was happening.  When I always knew that he had my back, that he would protect me from everything.   Now I feel as if I’m in on a secret that he doesn’t know, a hideous, ugly secret.    He’s my child now and in some ways I actually have his life in my hands.  I decide what medicine he will and won’t get,  whether to awaken him,  shower him,  sit with him.  Sometimes he looks like  little boy who knows he’s done something wrong, and with tears in my eyes I hold him tight.

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4 Responses to Five Minute Friday – “Hold”

  1. Hold him and love him and know that you are not alone! This is so beautifully written and I cannot imagine how hard this must before you but I can imagine the strength you have to hold and carry him through this!


  2. Lisa M says:

    That’s a perfect description. Mom sometimes thinks she is being punished for something. It breaks my heart. Keep holding on.


  3. revskid says:

    Beautifully written and heart-felt. Holding is so important esp. when someone is distressed and confused, though at times it is difficult.


  4. Juliet says:

    This is beautiful, sad and inspiring all at the same time. I hope it I am ever in this situation I will have your gracefulness. Keeping you in my prayers today.


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