Emma’s Story (Part 2)

Months ago, I began  our Emma dog’s story, writing about how we  adopted her,  how she changed as she relaxed,  and the problems she brought with her.  Her story continues:

We adopted Emma in September 2011.   By December, she had gained 14 ½ pounds.  She looked great and was very happy.

You see, Emma arrived underweight, sad and heartworm positive. For nearly a month we searched for heartworm treatment medication but none was available in the USA, in Holland or France, where it’s manufactured. Xrays showed that she didn’t yet have an enlarged heart or permanent lung damage, but there wasn’t much time.

Then our veterinarian called to say he had found the medicine– Emma could be treated. So she spent three days at the animal hospital, undergoing injections of an arsenic derivative in her lower back   She came home even sadder and in terrible pain. She wasn’t allowed to have exercise for a month,  and she coughed the entire month. Since we couldn’t walk her, she rode to the park (2 houses away) in the car, got out for her “walk” and then rode home.  Our fear the entire time was that she would have a stroke or heart attack from the worms that were released into her bloodstream.

Emma Dog

Emma Dog

I think that was the beginning of her love affair with the car. Now every time we go near our front door, Emma is ready for another ride. If I pick up my purse or put on a jacket, she’s on high alert.  She’s great in the car, just sits in the back seat with her head leaning on the window sill, watching the scenery pass by. This is the way she is with everything — calm and quiet, and always patient and good.

So Emma’s story continued –a love affair for all of us. Even our two cats were adjusting. I saw Charlie cat actually touch noses with her and rub up against her leg. Emma just sat there, not moving, not so sure about this new feline in her life.

(To be continued …. )


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One Response to Emma’s Story (Part 2)

  1. Pat says:

    Dogs are angels in disguise.


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