Ten on Tuesday – 2015

Ten on TuesdayCarole Knit’s weekly topic for us to share our thoughts. This week:  ten intentions (goals, resolutions or just things I hope to do)  in 2015.

I don’t participate in Ten on Tuesday  often, but this topic interests me.  I know that 90 percent (or so they say) of all New Year’s resolutions are broken or forgotten, and I’m certainly included in that 90 percent.  I won’t resolve to go on a diet  (although I need to)  or go to a swim exercise class (should do that one too) or play the piano every day although I’d like that.  But I’m thinking more about how I will treat  myself and others.

So, I will try to ….

1.  …take a deeper breath and not  feel resentment as I get up in the middle of the night for the fourth time to help Bo to the bathroom.

2.  …walk Emma dog more often and use that time to take more deep breaths that I need to keep myself more relaxed.

3.   … catch up on the thank-you notes I need to write and then write more of them to people who are so kind to us.

4.  … figure out a way to get more sleep, which will mean  creating a new schedule for Jon and me and possibly hiring another caregiver.

5.  … continue to watch Downton Abbey and enjoy it with a passion, and not be upset when someone comes into the room and interrupts the show.

6.  … get away… visit my friend in Florida (and get some sleep there!) and maybe go to Paris.

7.  … get some massages to relax my muscle-spasmed neck.

8.  … go to more concerts and enjoy more art with friends.

9.  … call people who need someone to cheer them, especially my mother’s two friends and my sister-in-law.

10. … send little gifts to let people know I am thinking of them, something that a dear friend does for me and  I appreciate it so much.

And # 11 – Plan NancyCamp for Adults next summer since so many people have asked me to to it.


Ah, Paris !

Ah, Paris !


Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey


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2 Responses to Ten on Tuesday – 2015

  1. Mimi says:

    Dear Nancy, I really like the idea of “plan Nancy Camp for Adults.”


  2. Pat says:

    Ah, Paris. Just saying it, brings a smile to your heart..


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