I’m a career English teacher — now semi-retired — married to my college sweetheart for the past 50 years  We live in Haddonfield, just across the bridge from Philadelphia, with our dog Emma and cat Charlie. My husband Bo has advanced Alzheimer’s but I’m able to keep him here at home with the aid of his caregiver, Jon  (he and his family moved in with us last November when their home burned down.  They have two children, Justin and Victoria (8 and 11.)

I love to read  and write and am a teacher through and through.  Just can’t stop, so I teach for Fairleigh Dickinson University now. Love to cook on my time and am a serious recipe collector,  but don’t like having to cook three meals a day.  If I could, I’d only make the desserts and someone else could do the everyday cooking.

Took piano lessons when I was a child and returned to playing about five years ago — nothing serious,  not too many sharps or flats — but I thoroughly enjoy it and am so glad I brought my parents’ piano to my house.

I’ve been a serious ballroom dancer for years but have been forced to put it on hold by some foot and knee issues in the past few years.  Oh, and the last five years of dancing I focused on the Argentine tango and loved it; maybe it was those exotic shoes that I loved the most!

We’ve always been boaters,  water and snow skiers, tennis players, concert and museum-goers.

I love to travel — and like so many people, Paris is my favorite place, although all of Ireland is a close second.  Egypt is the place I’m most glad that I got to before all of the recent upheavals, and Russia had the greatest effect on me because I went as an exchange teacher,  made great friends with my hosts, and ended up bringing them here to the USA to live and we’re a family now too.


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  1. Mimi says:

    Nancy, Like your “About” comments! And the Silent Sunday with the Pelican. Good to have caught up during the Holidays. I am home now and happy to be back in Co. So glad that you have help in the home and a nice family to live in with you and Bo. Wish I was closer, I would cook some tasty meals for you et al. 🙂


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